Quotes from fellow sailors

Emma Richards with HilaryEmma Sanderson (neé Richards)

“It was only a matter of time before Hilary announced when she was starting her dream to sail round Britain Dream.

Hilary’s first words on completing her solo English Channel crossing was that she now wanted to sail around Britain.

Hilary has a unique determination and I look forward to watching Hilary fulfill yet another dream.

I continue to support Hilary and certainly hope to join her at some stage of her circumnavigation.”

Ellen MacArthurEllen MacArthur

“Many people think that sailing round Britain comprises of short hops within the relative safety of the land, but the challenges of this journey should not be underestimated! Sailing close to the shore can often be more dangerous than sailing offshore and Hilary will have to deal with strong tidal gates, shallow waters, busy shipping lanes, and every stage of the journey needs to be planned, both to make the most of the good weather, and to avoid the worst!

Hilary is someone who is driven by challenges, and has not let her situation in life take away her drive nor her dreams. Hilary, I believe is someone who takes the ‘possible’ out of impossible. She really pushes the boundaries to prove what is achievable, in a truly inspirational way. I wish her all the best in her forthcoming challenge, and challenging it will be. It is a huge undertaking for anyone to sail solo round great Britain and Ireland, and with the additional obstacles that Hilary will be having to overcome, it is a monumental endeavour.”

Mike SandersonMike Sanderson – ISAF World Sailor of the Year 2006

“Hilary Lister has credited sailing with saving her life. It is always gratifying to know that our sport can be the dream of the disabled and to have this profound effect on someone’s life.

It is an honour that it is sailing that is her inspiration.

Hilary’s Round Britain Dream will be an amazing journey as more and more people in our sport will have a chance to meet this incredible woman.”