Hilary’s boat

Artemis 20

Hilary sailed around Britain in an adapted Artemis 20.

The Artemis 20 is a 20ft (6m) carbon fibre performance racing keelboat, with America’s Cup characteristics, specifically designed to be sailed by both able and disabled sailors alike. The philosophy stemmed from the importance of accessibility, the idea of breaking down barriers and creating fun, fast and functional ways for getting more people on the water and bringing them together, removing the ‘us and them’ factor.

The Artemis 20 was designed by Rogers Yacht Design under commission by Chichester based Vizual Marine.

Vizual Marine are the manufacturers of the Artemis 20 and oversee every aspect of the boat builds.

For Hilary’s adapted Artemis 20, Vizual Marine  spent considerable effort specifically adapting certain aspects of her boat to work in conjunction with what was needed with Hilary’s round Britain sip and puff specification (see separate section on sip/puff).

Hilary’s adapted seat

Hilary's seat in action - credit Mark LloydHilary's seat - credit Mark Lloyd

The seat was a key part of the boat, working like a hammock, being hinged at the foot and head, This kept Hilary upright no matter how much the boat tilted. The seat was designed and built by Hilary’s friend, engineer Vivian Thompson. It was suspended on a stainless steel ‘A’ frame.

“I needed a boat which provides enough weather protection without keeping me entirely enclosed. The Artemis 20 fits the bill perfectly.” Hilary summarised it…… “A large part of the pleasure I get from sailing is the joy of being out in the elements.”

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Specifications of the Artemis 20

  • Hull Length – 6.00 m
  • Waterline Length – 5.60 m
  • Beam – 1.50 m
  • Draft/ full – 1.40 m
  • Draft/ keel up – 0.80 m
  • Displacement/ measurement trim – 490 kg
  • Displacement/ sailing condition (2 crew) – 700 kg
  • Ballast – 225 kg
  • Sail Area: Main – 15.00 m2
  • Furling Jib – 8.00 m2
  • Asymmetric spinnaker – 25.00 m2